Monday, December 1, 2008

Mary Bishop's First Thanksgiving

We celebrated Mary Bishop's first Thanksgiving in Columbus with the family! Wednesday night we spent the night with Pops and Gram (Ben's parents). We had a great time visiting with Jenny, Zack, and of course our sweet little man Conner. He is everywhere! Mary Bishop on the other hand, slept through her first Thanksgiving dinner! I was "thankful" though!! Thursday night we stayed with Pop and Granna (my parents). We ate of course...again....and enjoyed watching Mary Bishop play on her play mat. She is attempting to roll on her side....I can't believe it! She is almost 3 months old and we are loving every day...minus the tummy episodes! Still getting that under control! But hey, she sleeps through the night so we are THANKFUL! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Now if I could only get the house decorated for Christmas! I'll be working on that while the princess sleeps!