Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach Trip Day 5!

I think Mary Bishop is loving the beach life...we might just relocate!! Would anyone come visit us at the beach?? :) We spent a couple of hours on the beach and then headed to the outlet mall. I must say I have a great little shopper on my hands and I can see us getting into trouble in the future! Just kidding! The girls enjoyed a nice shopping trip and of course Miss Priss won the award for most purchases...but hey, I love a bargain. We enjoyed Destin Commons last night and Mary Bishop loved watching all of the kids in the splash pad! Just year that will be her running around in the water! Wow! We had a late night again but tons of fun and my little night owl is snoozing the day away today! Almost forgot....we attempted beach pictures in all white...she was not in a good mood but she still looked precious in her dress from Gram! We love it! Thanks so much!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Trip Day 4!

We have laughed so hard on this trip at Mary Bishop and all of her "talking"...she loves to stand on the couch and just jabber away to anyone!! Our condo has mirrors everywhere so she has been fascinated at talking and looking at herself. It is too funny to watch! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Mary Bishop had grits and orange slices....a site to see! We enjoyed an afternoon on the beach and then headed to SEASIDE!!! We bought Mary Bishop her 1st SEASIDE t-shirt (pink of course). She loved listening to the music and eating a yummy dinner there. I can't wait to actually stay there when she's a little older and watch her riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere at SEASIDE! What wonderful memories!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Trip Day 3!

Another eventful day on the beach! The girls played on the beach all day while Ben and Uncle Alan played a round of golf. Mary Bishop was awesome!! She loved her little pool that Aunt Cysha gave her and she played in it all day long!! I was able to walk with her on the beach in the late afternoon and have her fall asleep to the sound of the waves on my shoulder this time :) !! We enjoyed a great dinner at Stinky's Fish Camp although it was a little late for the princess. We are having so much fun and we hope you are enjoying our pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2!

We had another wonderful day at the beach. It was cloudy yesterday afternoon so we decided to head with Cynthia and Alan to Grand Blvd. to do some shopping and to check out the Tommy Bahama Bar. Mary Bishop was so excited that Aunt Cysha and Uncle Alan were here to entertain! After the Grand Blvd. we headed to Baytowne to eat at Acme Oyster Bar. It was sooo very good! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and Mary Bishop loved checking out the boats on the water. Hope you enjoy our pictures from day two! ** posting pictures of MB falling asleep on Ben's shoulders for two days in a row!! What a sweet site to behold!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beach Trip Day 1 !

What a wonderful first day at the beach! I was really scared that we might not even see the beach this trip....boy was I in for a pleasant surprise! We headed down to the beach first thing this morning and set up a playground under the umbrella. Mary Bishop did very well playing just like she does at home. We decided to walk down the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather and she loved looking at all of the people in the ocean....she's a bit nosey I might add...hmmm wonder where she gets that?? The water was beautiful today and the sand was white as snow. Mary Bishop seemed to be very relaxed, as a matter of fact too relaxed. She fell asleep on our walk on her Daddy's shoulder! You should have seen me running like a mad woman to get our camera. It was too precious not to capture. We are having so much fun! We look forward to many more days of beautiful weather and great times!! Enjoy the pictures! ( I'll TRY to post daily)