Thursday, April 16, 2009

7 Months Old!

I know I'm weeks behind on blogging but we finally have a computer now!! Man, I've missed having one! Please excuse the new posts...I'm just really behind on posting pictures of Mary Bishop. She turned 7 months old the Saturday of our sweet nephew Conner's birthday party in Birmingham. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed seeing our family and Birmingham friends. Mary Bishop decided to sleep through half of the party but when she woke up she was a little ham! She is now teething like crazy!! As I type this, she is running fever and is not sleeping well at all! So it's been a long week at the Curtis home. She is so funny when she eats too! She thinks she has to put the spoon in her mouth or all 10 fingers! Needless to say dinner time is no longer a clean and neat process!! She is almost on her knees so I know the crawling won't be far behind :( ! I'm emotional about her getting her first tooth too...imagine that huh! Enough of me rambling...hope you enjoy the pics!