Monday, December 1, 2008

Mary Bishop's First Thanksgiving

We celebrated Mary Bishop's first Thanksgiving in Columbus with the family! Wednesday night we spent the night with Pops and Gram (Ben's parents). We had a great time visiting with Jenny, Zack, and of course our sweet little man Conner. He is everywhere! Mary Bishop on the other hand, slept through her first Thanksgiving dinner! I was "thankful" though!! Thursday night we stayed with Pop and Granna (my parents). We ate of course...again....and enjoyed watching Mary Bishop play on her play mat. She is attempting to roll on her side....I can't believe it! She is almost 3 months old and we are loving every day...minus the tummy episodes! Still getting that under control! But hey, she sleeps through the night so we are THANKFUL! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Now if I could only get the house decorated for Christmas! I'll be working on that while the princess sleeps!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mary Bishop's First Beach Trip

Ben and I just celebrated our two year anniversary and we decided to make a trip to the beach with Mary Bishop to celebrate. Thanks to my parents for the great condo, food, and fun! We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate your birthday too Mike! Mary Bishop was such a little trooper. She did really well in the car and even let us eat out a few nights! Here are a few pictures I hope ya'll enjoy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mary Bishop's First Halloween

Mary Bishop had such a fun first Halloween! She was a "sweet pea"! Thanks Gram for remaking the hat to fit her little pumpkin head! We just loved her little outfit! We had a big time traveling around Tupelo with our good friends Trey, Courtney, and baby Mac. Sorry Katie and Talmadge that we didn't make it over! Our little "sweet pea" was pooped after a few rounds! We did have some cute trick-or-treaters this year! Jake and John Luke Marlin are always a treat! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Boo Boo!!

Bless our little girl's heart! She had her first set of shots Thursday. It hurt me more than it hurt her I'm sure!! I have never felt such pain in my heart over someone crying. It broke my heart to see her in such pain but I know it is for the best! I love you little girl!! Love, Mommy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tootie's Trip To The Pumpkin Patch!

I know I have not posted anything in a while! Things have been so busy...imagine that!! I just had to post some pics of my "little pumpkin" and her first trip to the pumpkin patch. I know she won't remember it but the pictures are great memories! She was so sweet in her fall pumpkin dress. Happy Fall Y'all!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Look at our precious little pumpkin BOOties! I could not resist these pajamas for Halloween! We finally got a picture of these little pumpkins on our weekend trip to Darden. Thanks for a fun weekend Zack, Jenny, and Conner! Happy Halloween everyone! Love, Conner and Mary Bishop!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pop's Birthday at Darden!

This past weekend our family got together at Darden. My brother-in-law's family owns a lake house there and we always enjoy spending time there when we can. Since today is my father's birthday, we celebrated it Saturday night out there. Blair and I were a bit anxious to take Mary Bishop because this would be her first night to stay somewhere else besides our house. I guess you could call it her first "mini vacation." So.... we packed every thing but the kitchen sink for this girl. Swing, diapers, clothes, more clothes, more diapers, wipes, etc., etc. Enough for her to be comfortable for a week. Keep in mind we are only staying one night!!! We got there with no troubles. She slept the whole way...but Blair kept saying, "Ben I feel like we are forgetting something." Just the nerves I told her...first time away from the house. Don't worry! But what did we forget....OUR STUFF! No mommy and daddy clothes, toothbrushes, etc.! Boy have our priorities changed! We still had the best time and enjoyed celebrating my dad's birthday. We hope he has many more with these little ones and we hope he knows just how much he is loved! He has waited a long time to become a "Pops" and we think he's the best!! We love you dad!

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Month...My How Time Flies!

Good grief how time flies! It has been an interesting and very eventful month at the Curtis household. I am enjoying being a mommy even more than I expected. No lie, it has been tough, but so very worth it. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed Ben and I have been with all of the help and support of our friends and family. I don't even know where to begin on the "Thank You's". From Granna and Gram, Pop and Pops, Je-Je and Uncle Z, Aunt Cysha, AT and Nannie, to all of our small group friends and co-workers, we owe you some major "Thanks!!". All of the long nights that turned into mornings, the wonderful food, and the reassurance that we are doing something right and we are good parents is greatly appreciated. I'm a little sad that time flies like it does but I hear it only gets better. Mary Bishop is growing in so many ways. Her cries are so different, she grins..and it's not always gas! She has a million faces, is working on taking a "paci" and a bottle from her daddy, makes the sweetest sounds, shows us her beautiful eyes a lot more, and is sleeping fairly well. If only we could get rid of those terrible gas pains!! I've tried Mylicon but that seems to work only for a short bit. We will eventually get it under control. It just kills my soul to see her in pain. Overall, it has been the best month of our lives...WE ARE SO BLESSED!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update On Our Sweet Mary Bishop.

Just going to post some new pics of our sweet little angel. It has been two wonderful but tiring weeks. She went to the doctor today and got a great report. She now weighs nine pounds and is 21 inches long. We are so thankful that our little girl is healthy and growing. We hope you enjoy the pictures more will most certainly follow.

Sweet little foot!

The calm before the storm.
This would be the storm. Ha Ha

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mary Bishop Comes Home!!

We have been a little slow posting new pics. We have been getting used to having this beautiful little bundle of joy. Here are some pics from last Sat. When we came home from the hospital.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's a Girl - Meet Mary Bishop

On Wednesday night at 10:15 Blair's water broke and we were off to the hospital. And she was finally helped along at about 7 Thursday morning and we finally got the chance to see our precious baby girl at 1:23 on September 4. I told Blair that it was obviously a teachers daughter because she came on the due date and could not be tardy. Mary Bishop Curtis weighed 7lbs. 10ozs. and she was 19 3/4 inches long. She also has a head full of black hair. I hope that everyone enjoys the pics there will be more to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Shower

Just wanted to share a few pics from my sweet school baby shower. I work with the most wonderful 2nd grade team (Tami Scott, Paige Repult, and Lynda Bullard). They were so sweet to throw such a thoughtful shower! I just loved the cake and Ben and I are so blessed to have gotten so many useful things for our sweet Baby Curtis!