Tuesday, March 17, 2009

6 Months Old!

I know I'm a little late on posting for Mary Bishop's 6 month check-up! But, better late than never! I took Mary Bishop for her 6 month shots and check-up and Ben and I made bets on how much our little sweet cheeks weighed. I thought 18 lbs. and Ben said 20! We were both wrong! She weighed 17.9 and was 26 inches long. Although she has some beautiful full cheeks the doctor said she was very proportional for her age :) ! Here are some new things Miss Priss is up to these days....eating every type of vegetable and fruit and loving it, rolling over and over again and again, bouncing in the jump a roo (thanks Conner!), sitting with help, talking (jabbering) non stop, smiling, laughing, screaming and squeeling, sitting in the stroller like a big girl, loves a bath ( likes sucking on the rag the most) a clean one...don't worry!, growing out of some clothes faster than I can blink! I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out. She is doing so much better with the whole teething thing and sleeping through the night again!! Yeah!! We enjoy every minute with her! She is just growing way too fast! We are so blessed that she has been healthy and happy! We love you baby girl!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Little Snow Bunny!

We had to share some sweet pictures of out little "snow bunny"! Could you not just pinch those cheeks! We had a quick but fun time showing Mary Bishop her 1st snow! She is growing so much everyday and we are growing more in love with her as well! We have so many things to catch up in the blogging world so look for some new posts soon! Enjoy!!!