Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2!

We had another wonderful day at the beach. It was cloudy yesterday afternoon so we decided to head with Cynthia and Alan to Grand Blvd. to do some shopping and to check out the Tommy Bahama Bar. Mary Bishop was so excited that Aunt Cysha and Uncle Alan were here to entertain! After the Grand Blvd. we headed to Baytowne to eat at Acme Oyster Bar. It was sooo very good! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and Mary Bishop loved checking out the boats on the water. Hope you enjoy our pictures from day two! ** posting pictures of MB falling asleep on Ben's shoulders for two days in a row!! What a sweet site to behold!

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Jenny and Zack said...

So sweet! It looks like you are having a great beach trip so far!! I hope that we get to see you guys Thursday or Friday. Love and miss you so! Jeje