Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Way Too Long....

Well, we have fallen out of the blog world for quite some time!! It's been way too long!! Not even going to try to catch up just going to post some pictures that should have been put up a long time ago! Update on Miss Priss......she is almost 15 months old and we are still not walking!! She will stand alone forever and side step around everything....but.....no walking! Guess like everything else she will do it in her own time. No walking but boy are we TALKING!! This is non-stop!! She talks herself to sleep and talks when she is waking up....all day!!! She is saying words like... "ake" for Drake, "ommy" for Mommy, She has "DaDa" down pat, and "no" of course, shoe, "ap" for map...gotta love Dora for that one...and lots and lots of jibberish...It sure is sweet to hear her voice. We are so truly blessed.

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Jenny and Zack said...

I love that pumpkin picture. We enjoyed spending some time with little miss over Thanksgiving. Conner loves his cousin Bish Up :)
See you soon!